"I have used Boscov’s Business Travel services since 2001. As long as our agent Peggy is there, you can count on my patronage. She is the best that I have ever worked with in my experience with 40 years of travel agents all over the country. I will continue to send you our business whenever possible."

Steven, President & CEO International Biomedical Devices

"I appreciate all of your help. I have been guiding one of our board members around the country this week. When you were able to fix the reservation in 30 seconds, he was amazed, and kiddingly said, "Can I start working with her and give up my travel company in Germany?"

Robert Moser, Jr., Senior VP Global Accounts

"I want to say THANK YOU so much for all your hard work, dedication, amazing communication, patience, sweetness, availability, quickness, knowledge, punctuality, NO MISTAKES, and I could go on and on. It has been a pleasure working with you all AGAIN and I am so glad we made the right choice of using your service again. I want to especially thank you for your great management. You have a wonderful staff and you manage them extremely well. Not sure how much management they need since they are so great, but what a great team you all make. Great job! I feel this has been a very smooth process and I thank all you for that. I will be sure to continue to recommend my fellow colleagues & friends in the industry about your company and services. That is how we found out about Boscov's."

Sherri. Events and Marketing Specialist

"I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job [my Boscov's Business Travel Consultant] did when making travel arrangements for me and my family this week. She was very professional and patient with me each time I called with a new question. Because of the experience I've had with her I will not hesitate to use your travel service in the future!"

Melody, Healthcare Professional

"Your [staff] performed beyond my expectations… they were as devoted to our goal achievement as our own employees… I’ve received numerous compliments and thanks from our employees for such a fabulous trip.”Thanks again for ALL of your help! This confirms that we made the right decision to work with Boscov’s for our travel needs. Not sure what we would have done without you all in this situation especially!"

Christy, Human Resources and Office Manager

"Thanks so much for being so professional and organized. We certainly look forward to working with Boscov's to make our travel program more efficient."

Gail, Executive Assistant

"You are the best!"

David, President, Uniform Corporation

"You gals are doing a great job!"

Jackie, Executive Assistant

"Thank you again for all of your hard work, patience and assistance, you guys are truly great!"

Deborah, Executive Marketing Assistant

"[My travel consultant] has been wonderful in remembering all of the details with each set of arrangements and often calls with suggestions or things that I may have forgotten."

"I very much appreciate... the excellent service that you have always provided to our company. I regularly hear from our employees that Boscov's does an excellent job in making travel arrangements for them."

"I am impressed that [the airline would refund]... anything. Thank you for all your hard work... I figured we would get nothing. You did a great job on this."